UUKU Consulting Oy and our name pays homage to people of Uukuniemi shire in Karelia, who are characterized by kind heartedness and fortitude. Our founding family has a long and meaningful relationship with Uukuniemi and its people. UUKU carries the values and spirit of these ancestors into today’s business.


Story of UUKU Consulting Oy

Our founders have 20 years of combined experience living and working in Asia, and during this journey they recognized the massive unrealized opportunities available for Nordic companies, particularly in the ASEAN markets. UUKU Consulting Oy bridges the gap between the Nordics and Asia for small to mid-cap businesses who acknowledge Asia as an important part of their long-term growth strategy.

Our services are built from our experience on the ground and focus on identifying the best opportunities for our clients in Asian markets and applying this knowledge in the most effective ways possible.

Our unique strength lies in our ability to see a market and region holistically and identify and connect with the real power brokers. While we are results-driven, we have a long-term view, finding the right results that lead to lasting success for our clients with their needs in mind is our priority.


Our home Vihti, Finland

Vihti is a municipality in Uusimaa region in South of Finland and UUKU Consulting Oy is committed to seeing its home market develop and to represent the values and story of Vihti to the world. Located only 30 minutes from Helsinki Vantaa Airport, Vihti belongs to the Heart of the New Nordic area. Vihti is a fantastic pivot point for future development with 150 million people residing within a 2-hour flight, including Moscow, all of the Scandinavian-Baltic States and Northern Germany. Additionally, Bangkok and most Asian megacities are still within 10 hours from Vihti.