Chairman of UUKU, Jyrki Ritvala sharing his knowledge and experience during the 2017 UUKU Bangkok delegation in Hotel Indigo.

Importance of Experience and How to Acquire it
In the beginning stages of my career I looked at the world and my managers and seniors with immense respect. As time went by, and my confidence in my own abilities increased, I started to question the superiority of my older managers. Shouldn’t my fresh knowledge, ideas and energy triumph over experience and old age? It was only later in my career that I started to realize first hand the importance of experience. In my senior positions in many associations, private firms and state-owned enterprises, I have been able to observe and understand the importance that years of experience bring.

Some aspects of experience can be learned by studying real business cases, and by learning directly from successful business executives and studying their ways. Some knowledge can only be gained by living and experiencing it. Failures are great lessons and I’ve had the great pleasure of enduring countless in my long career.

Naturally, young people have no idea what it is like to be a senior executive. A senior and only a senior, has had experience working at so many different stages of life. As you get older, some of the
memories of your early years start to fade, but you do not lose the practical skills and instincts that have been sharpened throughout decades of dedicated application. I’ve achieved some of my
greatest achievements in business in my 50’ and 60’s, and its those achievements my organizations and I are most proud of, and have received considerable recognition for.

New Beginning
I am extremely excited about the opportunity to continue my career in a team of young experts, each with their own talents. I can see my younger self in many of the qualities UUKU Consulting team has, showcasing innovative spirit and the hunger for new challenges.
Seeing that my experience still has many uses has been a great motivation for me. Being able to bring practical examples to the challenges that arise and being able to judge the feasibility of some of the many new ideas our younger team puts forward are particularly useful as UUKU progresses.
Senior Executives Deeply Respected in South-East Asia
In my international endeavours in South-East Asia, especially in Thailand, I have for long observed and felt how deeply they respect senior executives in a company. Presence of an older executive brings stability and reliability to the team when dealing with Thai and Asian companies. Thai companies are often family companies with generations old traditions, whom put great stock in the immense know-how that comes with it. Family values are highly regarded and if international partners show similar qualities, trust is generously given and new opportunities for cooperation open up.
I’m excited to give guidance and support to UUKU Consulting in the chapters ahead. I hope to use my experience to nurture the precious resource of trust within our team and our clients in order to create and continue a legacy of good business between Finland and Asia.
Jyrki Ritvala
Counselor of Traffic
Chairman of UUKU Consulting